Founder’s Biography

Executive Language Tutors Founder’s Biography

Executive Language Tutors LLP was formed in 2005 by its Founder and Speech-Language Consultant, Janette Sedgebeer, who trained at Westminster Teaching College and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).  She is a professional English language teacher, and Speech and Voice Associate of LAMDA, and the British Voice Association.  She holds Master qualifications from King’s College London in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics.  Janette has over 30 years’ teaching experience to young people and adults.

Janette specialises in the attainment of English phonological skills and the acquisition of near-native spoken BBC English in non-native speakers.  She also has expertise in speech and language pathology, specific language impairment, and speech sound disorders.  Janette is currently carrying out doctoral research in speech and language science centred on the correlation between acoustic rhythmical input and motor speech execution.

Janette is a highly skilled trainer in accent reduction and English elocution, correctional techniques and Language 1 interference with Language 2.  She trains people nationally and internationally, including Europe, China, Japan and the Middle East.

Janette has become an expert in the field of accent reduction, and speech and language training.  She works closely with other language training providers in supplying her specialised teaching skills.

Janette comes from a strong academic and industrial background and was nominated Ambassador for Higher Education in 1998.  She has solid industrial experience in law, finance and the built environment professions, which sectors demand her expertise.

Janette has been published for her work in accent reduction, English elocution, and professional communication in Business English.

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