Our History

Executive Language Tutors History

Janette Sedgebeer formally established Executive Language Tutors, English Language Training in 2005 after 30 years of English language teaching to overseas and native speakers.

The formation responded to a demand for specialised English language teaching to a wider audience. The establishment allowed the techniques in English language teaching, business English, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, how to learn English, and learning to speak English together with English articulation and effective public speaking to be tailored to the individual needs of overseas and native speakers who wanted to progress in English language learning quickly and effortlessly.

Today, we provide face-to-face English language teaching and electronic visual spoken English language training using our specially designed and developed pronunciation programme.

English language learners may benefit from our unique approach. In addition, we offer a wide range of English language teaching modes from intensive English language courses, online English language learning, general English language teaching, TEFL, English as a Second Language, English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes, IELTS, public speaking and communication skills, voice training, business English, English grammar, learn English usage and learning to speak English.

Our clients range from Pre-GCSE English pupils to large multi-national, international and blue chip companies in the United Kingdom and overseas.

We work directly with our clients or in partnership with other English language providers who seek our specialised English language teaching skills.

We develop new methods and techniques in spoken English language teaching to better serve the needs of our customers in innovative ways

We pride ourselves in teaching English, and especially spoken English training. Our students excel in effective communication skills due to the high level of spoken English vocal training they receive from us. We are unique in our approach to teaching spoken English, and we train our English students in techniques not readily available through conventional English language schools.

We are proud of our success rate in teaching IELTS, Cambridge and English entrance examinations to overseas and native English students.

Unlike traditional English schools, we do not have large English language classes. Our intensive English language teaching programmes guarantees rapid success.

As Executive Language Tutors is a specialised English language learning consultancy, you will not find yourself in a large English language class in a school or college. You will be trained on a one-to-one or in a one-to-four group in the quiet surroundings of a traditional English study or an English consultation office in London.

Our approach ensures that you will learn English correctly and fluently from the start without acquiring spoken English errors from other English students in a classroom setting. Our approach to English language learning will ensure that you will learn to speak English with Received Pronunciation fluently and easily. Whether your need is for English as a Foreign Language, business English, Presentation or Negotiation skills, you will learn English usage with confidence and ease.

As Executive Language Tutors is a specialised English language training service that operates as a consultancy, you will not pay high tuition fees.

Our English language training service fee is based on an hourly consultancy rate below traditional English school charges for personal English language teaching.

You will benefit from our especially equipped English language learning consultancy facilities that offer:

  • Language laboratory
  • DVD audio-visual recording
  • Mirrored rehearsal and performance space
  • Computer-aided ELT

What Now?
The easiest way to contact us is by calling our 24 hour Customer Service line on +44 20 7884 0441. You can also email us.

If you already know which course you would like to study, you can enrol yourself through our shop.