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We don’t hide the fact that we are highly qualified English language tutors, teachers, trainers and linguists.

We also don’t hide the fact that we are academics, dons and researchers.

Neither do we hide the fact that these combined skills make us experts in professional high quality academic research and essay writing.

If you are faced with an assignment, essay or research writing to produce and don’t know where to begin or how to introduce, discuss, conclude and reference, then we suggest that you contact us before you’re asked to leave your course and lose your fees.

Subject to your budget and submission deadlines, our professional proof-reading and essay writing services come in a range of levels to suit a range of pockets:

GCE ‘A’ Level (Grade C to Grade A)

Degree Level (Class 2:2 to Class 2:1)

Masters Level (Pass to Merit)

So, next time you try to duck, dive and dodge your tutor in the corridor who is chasing you for that long overdue piece of work – call us.

Remember, a good teacher is worth a barrel load of books!

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