Learning for IELTS or Cambridge English FCE

IELTS & Cambridge English Training

International English Language Testing System (“IELTS”)
Our IELTS training programmes are one of our most popular English language teaching courses.

Intensive One-to-One Live Online and face-to-face training in Cambridge English FCE and Learn IELTS training with maximum attention and focus on your weaknesses and development in the key skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

One-to-One Cambridge English FCE and Learn IELTS training programme covers:


  • Development of fluency and coherence
  • Expressing ideas and opinions
  • Lexical resource development
  • Development of vocabulary expansion
  • Extension of grammatical range and accuracy
  • Developing pronunciation and English pronunciation features
  • Development of Intonation, stress and rhythm
  • Developing confidence in speaking
  • Presenting personal information
  • Discussing familiar issues and habits
  • Sustaining unsupported long turn speech
  • Managing and organising the expression of ideas
  • Expressing and justifying views
  • Explaining
  • Displaying an understanding of conversational English rules


  • Development of listening and sub-listening skills
  • Listening for specific information
  • Listening for main ideas and supporting points
  • Understanding of speaker’s opinion
  • Phonological development of speaker accent and dialect


  • Scanning and skimming skills development
  • Developing understanding of main ideas
  • Development of reading skills for detail
  • Understanding attitude and opinion
  • Inference and innuendo meaning


  • Presenting, describing, interpreting and comparing data
  • Describing a process
  • Demonstrating appropriate and accurate English usage
  • Arguing and defending
  • Attacking points of view with supporting evidence
  • Presenting solutions to problems
  • Comparing and contrasting opinions supported by personal experience
  • Responding to task
  • Demonstrating familiarity in letter, report, email, formal and informal writing styles
  • Presenting opinions supported by personal experience
  • Examination technique

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