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LAMDA – The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

As speech, voice and performance teachers, we provide one-to-one speech, voice and performance training to students studying for LAMDA Graded Examinations in Communication and Performance.

And if you are thinking of studying towards LAMDA qualification then why not start on the right foot and enrol for one of our beginner’s LAMDA courses in Communication or Performance.

As a LAMDA Communication student, you will be encouraged to develop:

  • an appreciation of literature
  • organise arguments and ideas into structured speeches
  • confidence in speaking both in conversation and to a group
  • presentation skills
  • a clear and focused speaking voice
  • positive body language

As a LAMDA Performance student, you will be encouraged to develop:

  • creativity
  • awareness of the space around you
  • vocal confidence and physical presence
  • new ways of looking at the world through dramatic exploration
  • the ability to relate to other people and an understanding of the impact of language and communication.

LAMDA examinations in speech and drama are designed to help you develop communication, language and literacy skills and the examinations provide a platform for you to gain confidence, work as a team, hold a conversation and participate more fully in society.

LAMDA Communication examinations in Using Spoken English and Speaking in Public will help you to prepare for interviews, make presentations and provide a platform for those careers where such skills are important.

LAMDA Performance examinations can provide you with a vocational pathway to work in acting, theatre, musical theatre and the teaching of performing arts, as well as provide you with the opportunity for personal development through a wide spectrum of interests.

You will receive training and development in articulation, flexibility, muscularity, pitch, and range.  You will also learn of the importance of pitch, pause and pace and their application to your chosen pieces.

In addition, you will receive vocal training in breath control and connectivity along with the principles of Alexander Technique in learning how to release the voice as well as movement.

As speech, voice and performance teachers, you will be taught the importance of care for the voice, your most important tool.

And as one of our LAMDA students you will be encouraged to take LAMDA’s grades and to progress along your career path and towards your goal.

We offer the following performance facilities to help you develop:

  • Audio language laboratory
  • Mirrored performance area
  • Audio-visual performance recording
  • Acoustic piano

Whether you are four years or 84 years old, you are never to young or too old to study for LAMDA qualification.

Our Learn LAMDA Courses

Learning LAMDA for Kids

We offer the following LAMDA for Kids Elocution, LAMDA for Children Learning English face-to-face and LAMDA for Children Live Online Classes:

LAMDA for Kids Elocution

LAMDA for Kids Elocution – One-to-one Face-to-Face Classes

LAMDA for Children Learning English

LAMDA for Children Learning English – One-to-one Face-to-Face

LAMDA for Children Live Online Classes

LAMDA for Children – One-to-one Live Online Classes

Further full course details, then visit us at LAMDA for Kids ElocutionLAMDA for Children Learning English.

If you are looking for LAMDA as an after-school activity or classroom subject to support English learning, then visit our and LAMDA for Schools.

Learning LAMDA for Adults

If you are an adult looking to learn English, then visit our LAMDA for Learn English Adults, and LAMDA Acting Courses.


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