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LAMDA supports Children’s English Skills


LAMDA for Children supports Key Stage skills in Learning English

Does your child lack confidence?

Does your child struggle with participating in school or making friends?

Is your child finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate in school?

Learning for LAMDA examinations are a great way to help your child develop a sense of individuality, strengthen attentiveness and define their character.

The LAMDA examinations are divided into two main groups: Performance and Communication.

We offer twelve week courses to prepare for communication and performance examinations. These lessons can be offered on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. Performance examinations focus largely on the performance process and learners will develop the skills necessary to communicate a dramatic text to an audience. Communication exams, however, focus on developing the skills to be able to effectively communicate orally.  Both groups support the development of key skills in Key Stages 1 to 4 in learning English.

The Performance examinations are an excellent path way for young children beginning to define a sense of their own identity. Through the exploration of different texts, writers and characters the young learners are encouraged to experiment with their very own character. Particularly for very nervous or insecure young children, performing under the guise of another character allows them to freely express themselves. Furthermore, learners are encouraged to combat any nerves that may be restricting the growth of their personality, as they build relationships with the text, space, their teacher and their audience. They are also taught about spatial awareness and lessons often involve the exploration of the presence they can have in a space using bodily and facial expressions.

The Communication exams concentrate on speech will teach your son or daughter more about what kind of impact their voice can have. Finding the power of their voice is an important lesson for very young people as it gives them the means to express themselves easily and clearly.

As a LAMDA student growing into the later years of their childhood, the LAMDA examinations will adapt to suit your child’s learning.  Therefore, it is a great extra-curricular activity that constantly assists in their development.  Throughout, the programme your child will have their performance monitored and will receive invaluable feedback.  Students are are taught how to use this feedback constructively. This is a useful lesson for children to learn as it teaches them the positivity that can be extracted from what seems, at first, to be negative.

Many children have difficulty concentrating both in and out of school. The LAMDA examinations can assist in the improvement of levels of concentration. The examinations provide learners with set goals that are achieved in the examination at the end of the twelve week programme. Learners are therefore always working towards something and the recognition that they receive at the end of the examination process teaches them the benefits of hard work.

Furthermore, young LAMDA learners will gain many new skills from these lessons which will help them to focus and are transferable to the classroom environment. In particular, developing memory skills for core subject learning will help the learner to focus their attention and persist with hard work.

Allowing your child to participate in the LAMDA examinations will put them into contact with a professional figure. This will teach them behavioural skills as they learn how to adapt their attitude in the presence of different people.

Learning for LAMDA examinations is fun, and it is a way to learn valuable skills and make new friends – enrol your child into one of our LAMDA for Children Learning English Face-to-face or Live Online courses:

LAMDA for Children Learning English

LAMDA for Children Learning English – One-to-one Face-to-Face

LAMDA for Children Live Online Classes

LAMDA for Children – One-to-one Live Online Classes


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