Aural Training for Selection and Entrance Examination 11+ Level 3

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Aural Training for Selection and Entrance Examination 11+ Level 3

This course will help your child to learn English and to prepare for the challenge of English testing in Selection and Entrance Examination at 11+ with confidence.

Today, many children struggle with learning English. They find it difficult to hear, distinguish and form the sounds, intonation or the stress and rhythm patterns of simple spoken English words. This in turn affects their ability to spell correctly or to write using correct English grammar. It may also affect their spoken English as listening and speaking correlate. Faced with the rigours of selection and entrance examination in English, it is not surprising that many children are unsuccessful if there are weaknesses in any of these areas.

Aural training, also known as ‘Ear Training’, is important in learning English as it will train your child’s ear to distinguish and recognise sounds which make up English words. It will help to develop your child’s understanding and ability in English grammar by listening to how punctuation and grammatical structures sound and are used. More importantly, aural training will help to develop important listening and sub-listening skills which will assist in spelling, grammar and comprehension. The development of these skills helps to increase your child’s confidence and self-esteem, making them good communicators in English. It may also improve their educational and career prospects as they will know how to write and speak with confidence and clarity.

This course has been especially designed for Selection and Entrance Examination 11+ learners. The course is also suitable for learners struggling with spelling and grammar difficulties.  It is an express course to develop key English learning skills rapidly.

The course contains four easy to follow levels in aural training with 20 spelling and 20 dictation audio files accompanied by a transcription book. Your son or daughter will follow an intensive programme of five aural lessons per week for a four week period which focus on key weaknesses in learning English and which have been specially designed to strengthen spelling, grammar, phonics and comprehension rapidly.

The complete course aims to develop confidence in speaking in a clear and focused speaking voice, gain a physical presence as well as learning English and Elocution.

This ‘Learn English Online – Aural Training for Selection and Entrance Examination 11+ – Level 3’ covers:

  • Listening
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension

At £1.25 per day, can’t you afford to invest in your child’s future?

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