Kids’ Elocution Course – Speak Properly for Children

Speak Properly! for Children

An elocution course for kids who are beginners – Speak Properly! for Children – Level 1A

This introduction to elocution for kids shows you how to teach your child to speak English elocution properly, and has been especially designed for young learners and their parents.

The course contains six easy to follow levels with elocution lessons, sound files, demonstration files and instruction book and will show you how to practise important English pronunciation exercises which will help your child with spoken English words. Kids learning English elocution haven’t had so much fun!

The course is suitable for all children, whether English is a Second Language, to help with the correction of a slight speaking defect or speech impairment, or simply for those children who lack confidence in speaking.

The complete course aims to develop confidence in speaking in a clear and focused speaking voice, gain a physical presence as well as learning English.

This online ‘An English Pronunciation Course for Beginners – Level 1A’ covers:

  • Care of the voice
  • How and when to do your articulation exercises
  • Introduction to muscularity exercises
  • Back of tongue
  • Lips
  • Developing important sounds
  • La, Te, De, Ne
  • Ke, Ge
  • Pe, Be, Me

What Now?
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