Elocution Lessons Pay!

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Elocution Lessons pay?


Do you want to earn more money?

Do you want to work for a bigger company?

Do you want to be recognised for your leadership skills?

If your answers to these questions is ‘Yes’, then you need Elocution Lessons.

Research findings suggest that people who develop their speech and voice are likely to work for larger companies and benefit from a larger pay packet.

So, why do taking Elocution Lessons help you earn more?

By taking Elocution Lessons or Business English Elocution Voice Coaching, you will train the sound of your voice and the English speech sounds that you produce.  Elocution training helps to develop a deeper voice which communicates more power and assertiveness, important Professional English Communication skills which are required in Business English.  It is for this reason that the power of a deep voice may be found in CEOs working for bigger companies.

So, what is the effect of Elocution Lessons?

Elocution Lessons help to develop flexibility and tone in the articulators and vocal tract.  Respiration, phonation and articulation, i.e. English pronunciation, strengthens.  The development of English pronunciation helps the pitch of the voice to drop.  Researchers revealed that the drop in pitch showed a difference in earning power from $3.7m to $3.88m.

Are Elocution Lessons important for Businesswomen?

Yes.  It may be more important for women who wish to progress in their careers and into positions of leadership to acquire a slightly deeper more powerful and assertive voice.  Sociolinguistic researchers argue that women with high pitch voices may not command the recognition they deserve, or desire, from their male counterparts in a Business English speaking environment which may hinder the progress of their careers.  By way of illustration, we may consider the late Margaret Thatcher who once had a high-pitched voice and who received Voice Coaching to develop the power of a deeper stately tone to her voice.

So, if you are looking to earn more money, then you should be looking to learn from Elocution Lessons!


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