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Our Easy Elocution 2nd Edition by Accelerated Elocution Lessons is now available as:

  • Audio & eCourse Book download
  • Video & eCourse Book download
  • DVD & Course Book
  • Face-to-Face Live Learning

Based on our speech-science approach, Easy Elocution will teach you how to produce six of the strongest British English speech sounds by accelerated learning either in video, DVD or face-to-face live learning, helping you to speak British English quickly and easily.

The programme is unique by its ‘Listen, Look, Repeat and Feel’ approach together with use of speech analytic software for PC users.  You can ‘Hear, Feel and See’ if your British English speech sounds are correct by instant audio-visual feedback.  Easy Elocution 2nd Edition is also beneficial if you are taking accent reduction classes.

Easy Elocution 2nd Edition Video and Easy Elocution DVD include:

  •  The Elocution Course Video containing six demonstration lessons
  • Course book including:
    • Preparing for your Elocution Course
    • Voice Care
    • New Breathing Demonstration
    • The Elocution course
      • Lesson No. 1 – Neutralisation ‘er’ exercise
      • Lesson No. 2 – ‘ah’ exercise
      • Lesson No. 3 – ‘h’ exercise
      • Lesson No. 4 – ‘wh’ exercise
      • Lesson No. 5 – ‘or’ exercise
      • Lesson No. 6 – ‘air’ exercise
      • New close-up lip shapes
      • New improved sound
      • New emphasized speech sounds
  • Common Expressions
    • Elocution Refinement
  • Elocution speech sound checkers
  • Link to speech analytic software

Try before you buy, or subscribe to face-to-face live learning.

Download your free extract of Lesson No 2 below, then watch and join in your free trial elocution lesson by clicking on the video link window above.

Easy Elocution – Lesson No 2 – Free Extract

Easy Elocution ExLT Website

‘Easy Elocution – Accelerated Elocution Lessons’ is available

‘Easy Elocution 2nd Edition Audio and e-Elocution Course Book 

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‘Easy Elocution 2nd Edition DVD and Course Book’

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‘It has been amazing!

At the beginning of the course I lacked confidence in speaking. I have learned how to correct my speech, and gained confidence.  I progressed rapidly through my elocution course which gave me the skills which I never knew I had within.  I am very, very grateful.’ 

Gloria O, London

I have been speaking English as a second language for the last 25 years and always wondering why I still sound foreign.

Detailed analysis of my speech pattern and skilful teaching methods made me understand how English sounds work.

All lessons achieve what they set out to do – explaining in ordinary language just how best English can be learnt and spoken.

Dr Joanna A,
Clinical Science, London

 I decided to take lessons for professional and personal reasons. As a non-native, reduction of my German accent was the main aim.

My ear became gradually attuned to the differing nuances between English and German, through lessons which were personalised and adapted to my specific needs.

Petra K, Germany