Voice Training | Business English Elocution


Advanced Business English for Business Leaders

Advanced Business English Communication for Business Leaders


Professional Voice, Speech and Language Training for Business English Communication


This specialised voice, speech and language training programme is for:

  • Business English leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Client-facing personnel

This specialised speech and voice training programme will help you to develop advanced English elocution skills for Professional Business English Communication.

Your voice training will cover:

Speech and Voice Development

    • British English pronunciation practice
    • English pronunciation exercises
    • British English Accent development
    • British English vowel development
    • English Elocution
    • Language-specific Accent Reduction
    • Regional Accent Reduction
    • Dialect Accent Reduction
    • Advanced English articulation
    • Developing a clear and focused speaking voice
    • Vocal confidence
    • Voice qualities
    • Voice dynamics
    • Voice modulation
    • Developing the persuasive voice
    • Developing the negotiating voice
    • Developing the informing voice
    • Developing the explaining voice
    • Developing vocal assertion
    • Developing voice audibility
    • Developing speech and voice clarity
    • Communicating with spontaneity
    • Developing English pragmatics
    • Word stress development
    • Sentence stress development
    • Breathing exercises
    • Relaxation exercises
    • Developing sustained clarity of diction
    • Pitch, pause and pace in presentation
    • Rhetorical question and effective vocal use
    • Variation of tone
    • Developing vocal inflection
    • Developing vocal volume in speech
    • Enhancing voice and speech
    • Delivering an impromptu speech

From Writing to Speech and Voice Delivery

  • Developing Business English writing skills
  • Drafting, preparing and delivering a presentation
  • Writing, preparing and delivering an impromptu speech to set time
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the subject matter
  • Developing in-depth subject knowledge to a defined and clear structure
  • Developing vocabulary
  • Word power
  • Sentence impact
  • English grammar
  • Sight reading

Voice Training | Business English Elocution