Privacy Policy

Policy Statement

It is our Policy that the identities of Clients (and their staff and associates) shall remain confidential for the purpose of using the services, the identities and personal details only being disclosed to Tutors (where appropriate) and only so far as is necessary to deliver the services.


This Privacy Policy sets out how we deal with confidential Information and personal data and how we require Clients to co-operate with the policy to ensure that all persons using this site are equally protected.

The terms in this Privacy Policy correspond in meaning to the terms of use within the User Agreement.

‘Information’ within this Policy means any personal details or financial information which either: falls within the provisions of the Data Protection Act or any associated regulations; or which by its nature is ordinarily regarded as Confidential, not being information which is within the public domain.


In using our services you agree that we may retain, process and use Information that you provide to us. You are not obliged to provide us with any information. However, in order to deliver the services you will need to supply and you agree that we may retain certain personal and identifying information. You may also need to provide certain financial information to enable us to process payments for products and services.

Data Protection

Our Duty to you

For any Information we receive from you we are your data controller. We warrant that we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for this purpose.

In retaining, processing and using the information you supply to us we agree to:

  • Keep all personal and financial information confidential;
  • Store all confidential information securely; and
  • Only to use confidential information in so far as is required to facilitate the services; and
  • Comply with applicable data protection laws.

We do not disclose any confidential information to any third party save as required under law or regulation. Your personal (but not financial details) may be passed to Tutors but only for the purpose of providing the services. We will not knowingly allow the information that you provide to us to be accessible to any third party and will take all reasonable precaution to make your Information inaccessible.

This Privacy Policy relates only to the information you provide to us and how we use it. If you disclose your personal and financial information to others including other users of our services, or for the purpose of facilitating services jointly with others, we cannot be responsible for the security of that information.

Your duty to us and other Users

In the event that you obtain or become aware through the use of the services of any personal information of any Client or other User of the services, or of the Business, its Owner, employees or agents (such as may be disclosed to you for the delivery of services) you hereby agree and undertake not to disclose such information to any third party whatsoever,save to an Authorised Authority or Regulator and only when and in so far as is required by law, in breach of which you agree to make good any losses incurred by the suffering party and pay compensation for the loss of privacy, and/or any loss of reputation or standing of the party.

You may not use any Information of the Business or any person for any purpose except where the Business or that person has granted express permission to you for such use and you agree not to contact any such person without their express permission, save as within the scope permitted within the use of the website and the services. Where Information is obtained or received by you without authority or permission you hereby agree to destroy and delete such information immediately and not to retain any copies thereof whatsoever.

You further agree and undertake that you will not at any time post or state anything on ELT’s website or post or publish elsewhere any information or statements making reference to the website or the services that breaches any laws or which contravenes any rule of propriety or decency or which in any way defames any other person or which (in ELT’s absolute discretion) tarnishes ELT’s name or reputation (or that of its affiliates) or which may bring ELT into disrepute and in such event agree to indemnify ELT on an indemnity basis against any action arising from any breach of this term and pay compensation to ELT for any losses or loss of reputation or standing of ELT, its website and its services.

Ending the relationship

You may withdraw your consent to our retaining or using your
information by dis-continuing with the use of our services. Following a notice of discontinuance (by de-registration as a User) we will remove all your Information from our database (providing there are no sums due to us) save that which we are or may be required to retain for the purposes of keeping records of transactions and should you require we will provide you with confirmation of what information has been retained upon a
written request by email.

In the event that we terminate the User Agreement or your right to use our services due to any breach of the User Agreement or this Privacy Policy we will remove all your information as set out above, although we retain the right (and you expressly agree) to retain such information as may be required to be disclosed to an Authority or an authorised person regarding the breach.

You acknowledge and accept that the provisions of this Privacy Policy continue to subsist in full, notwithstanding any termination of services oryour withdrawal of consent to hold your information and that any future breach of the provisions of this Privacy Policy following such termination or withdrawal of consent may be actionable by an Authority, Regulator, the Company or any party affected by such breach.