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Business English Communication Training

Cambridge ESOL BULATS English Language Assessment is used by many top global companies in their recruitment and internal selections to test English skills.

Our BULATS Business English One-to-One Face-to-Face Live Online course will help you to develop English Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills for Professional English Communication in Business, Commerce and Industry.

Our intensive One-to-One Face-to-Face Live Online training in BULATS Business English provides maximum attention helping you to develop as a confident communicator in your workforce and in your workplace.

At the end of your Cambridge BULATS course, you may take your BULATS test through one of our authorised international BULATS agents.  From employers to governments worldwide, a Cambridge English examination is accepted as an important qualification.

Our One-to-One Face-to-Face Live Online BULATS Course will help you develop Professional English Language Skills in the following sectors:

  • Human Resources:

    • Staff training and development
    • Job descriptions and specifications
    • Job satisfaction
    • Letters of enquiry and applications
  • Marketing:

    • Breaking into the market
    • Promotions and branding
    • Product launch
    • The Trade Fair
    • Persuasiveness
    • New product development
  • Entrepreneurship:

    • Start-up businesses
    • Finance for start-ups
    • European expansion
    • Business idea presentations
    • Business meetings
    • Letter writing
    • Email writing
    • Report writing
  • Business abroad:

    • Business hotels
    • Sales conferences
    • Conference speech writing
    • Business meetings
    • Sales budget
    • Business seminars
  • Business change:

    • Social media
    • Business environment
    • Offshoring
    • Outsourcing
    • Staff surveys
  • Customer relations:

    • Customer loyalty
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer communication
    • Customer correspondence
    • Communicating across cultures

Our One-to-One Face-to-Face Live Online BULATS Business English Course will teach you:


  • Accent reduction
  • British English Received Pronunciation acquisition
  • Business English elocution
  • Development of fluency and coherence
  • Expressing business ideas and opinions
  • Lexical resource development
  • Development of business vocabulary
  • Expanding grammatical range and accuracy
  • Developing English pronunciation and British English pragmatics
  • Development of Intonation, stress and rhythm
  • Developing confidence in speaking
  • Presenting business information
  • Discussing business issues
  • Sustaining unsupported long turn speech
  • Managing and organising the expression of business concepts
  • Expressing and justifying business views
  • Explaining and delivering information
  • Displaying an understanding of conversational Business English rules


  • Development of listening and sub-listening skills
  • Listening for specific and detailed information
  • Listening for key information and supporting points
  • Understanding of speaker’s opinion
  • Phonological development of speaker accent and dialect


  • Scanning and skimming skills development
  • Developing understanding of main business ideas
  • Development of close text analysis for detail
  • Understanding attitude and opinion
  • Inference, suggestion and innuendo meaning


  • Presenting, describing, interpreting and comparing business data
  • Describing processes
  • Demonstrating appropriate and accurate Business English usage
  • Arguing and defending
  • Supporting points of view with supporting evidence
  • Presenting solutions to business problems
  • Comparing and contrasting opinions supported by professional experience
  • Responding to business tasks
  • Demonstrating familiarity in letter, report, email, formal and informal writing styles
  • Presenting opinions supported by professional experience

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