One-to-One Accent Reduction & English Elocution Classes – 6 Day Intensive Course



One-to-One Accent Reduction & English Elocution Classes –
6 Day Intensive – Beginner to Advanced

Start Date: Continuous Enrolment

Duration: 6 Day (90 minutes per Day)

Price: £450

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Intensive one-to-one accent reduction classes combined with English elocution with an emphasis on reducing further specific remaining accent interference from your native language.

This course is for near-native speakers who require immersion accent reduction training, English elocution and pronunciation classes. The course is also suitable if you have received training on our beginner to advanced accent reduction classes.

The course focuses on teaching you advanced features of spoken English, and builds upon the accent reduction techniques to allow you to develop refined English elocution.

This course allows maximum attention and focuses on difficult to remove accent elements specific to your native language which interfere with your ability to speak English clearly. The course also focuses on reducing regional English accents or dialects, defects and language impairment and pathology.

You will be trained to speak with confidence in professional English communication whilst developing BBC English.

Our One-to-One Accent Reduction and English Elocution Classes cover:

  • The revision of basic sounds of BBC English or British Received Pronunciation
  • English pronunciation exercises
  • Increasing English articulation flexibility
  • Neutralisation of English sounds
  • Developing schwa
  • Developing connectivity in spoken English
  • Building English intonation, stress and rhythm
  • Developing spoken English emphasis
  • Developing English modulation
  • Increasing English intelligibility
  • Developing audibility
  • Specific language impairment correction
  • English pronunciation correction techniques
  • Developing English speech patterns
  • Pitch, pause and pace techniques
  • Developing English speech cadence
  • Developing listening skills
  • Developing sub-listening skills
  • Developing confidence in speaking
  • Developing a clear and focused speaking voice
  • Spoken English Presentation skills
  • Positive body language
  • English grammar
  • English form, meaning and expression