One-to-One Learn English for Banking and Finance – Lower Intermediate to Upper Intermediate


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One-to-One Learn English for Banking and Finance

Start Date: Continuous Enrolment

Duration: 12 weeks (2 hours per session)

Price: £1,200

Level: Lower Intermediate to Upper Intermediate


Intensive One-to-One English For Banking and Finance to develop your confidence and ability to communicate effectively in English in your profession.


This specialist, tailor made course caters for your own particular professional needs, whilst at the same time developing your professional communication and vocabulary in the following areas:

  • Developing knowledge of key terminology
  • Today’s world of personal banking
  • Corporate Banking: An overview of company accounts and the effect of globalisation
  • The Banking Industry today: The European Central Bank, successful banking strategies, Mergers
  • International Banking: Currency markets and foreign trade
  • Economic reports and financing projects
  • Investments: Being a fund manager, shares
  • Describing diagrams, graphs and trends.
  • Meetings: negotiating and discussing
  • Giving presentations
  • Writing emails
  • Interpreting data
  • Reducing your accent to be able to communicate more effectively
  • Improving listening skills for gist and detail
  • Enhancing reading skills for general or detailed comprehension
  • Developing awareness of Cross-Cultural Business formalities