Accelerated Elocution Lessons




Intensive Elocution Lessons for Learning Elocution Quickly

Our Accelerated Elocution Lessons are based upon our speech science approach.

You will share with your trainer live online special speech analytic software to help you learn elocution quickly by seeing and hearing your speech sounds.

Learning Mode:  One-to-One Live Elocution Lessons Online by WebCam Skype

Start Date: Continuous Enrolment

Duration: 6 weeks (30 minutes per session)

Price: £225

Level: Beginner to Advanced

One-to-One Accelerated Elocution lessons by WebCam Skype cover:

  • How to speak the six strongest British English sounds
  • Listening skills development
  • Intensive speech sound recognition
  • Intensive speech sound reproduction
  • Developing speech organ flexibility
  • Breathing development
  • Developing intonation, stress and rhythm
  • How to sound native
  • How to neutralise
  • Pitch, pause and pace
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Elocution refinement

The course includes:

  • Live Online Professional English Native Trainer
  • Speech Analytic Software Sharing
  • Learning resources
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Professional development feedback