Accent Reduction & Elocution Consultation – Live Online Face-to-Face



Do you feel that your accent or English pronunciation is reducing your effectiveness?

Do you feel that your spoken skills are limiting your career progression or people-facing work performance?

Are you preparing for an important presentation, meeting or interview and wish to maximise your spoken English communication and body language?

You may not have time to attend an Accent Reduction or Elocution training programme if you have an urgent presentation to give or a meeting or interview to attend.  You need to know your major communication weaknesses.  What your listener can or cannot understand.  Is your word stress in the wrong place?  Does your sentence stress unknowingly give the wrong meaning?  Are you using the correct politeness and interaction strategies?  Our consultation will analyse and assess your communicative skills and provide important and invaluable feedback to help you to perform with confidence and communicative precision.

Our Consultation Service includes:

  1. Live Online One-to-One Face-to-Face Consultation with a Native BBC English Speaking Professional Speech and Language Consultant
  2. Oxford Placement Test 1 – Listening Test
  3. Oxford Placement Test 1 – Grammar Test
  4. Speech Analysis
  5. Speech Sound Analysis
  6. Accent Analysis
  7. Accent Interference Analysis
  8. English Language Analysis
  9. Spoken English Discourse Analysis
  10. Written English Discourse Analysis
  11. Critical Discourse Analysis
  12. Non-verbal Analysis


£90 per 60 Minute Consultation

Consultation Mode

Live Online One-to-One Face-to-face