One-to-One English Elocution Classes Online – 6 Week Course – Beginners



One-to-One English Elocution Classes Online by WebCam Skype – 6 Week Course – Beginners

Start Date: Continuous Enrolment

Duration: 6 weeks (50 minutes per week)

Price: £300

Level: Beginners

Beginners One-to-one English Elocution Classes Online via WebCam Skype.

Your personal Beginners English Elocution Classes trainer will introduce you to the most important articulation exercises and English speech sounds for you to speak British English Received Pronunciation.

Our Beginners English Elocution Course is a 6 week course at 50 minutes per week which will allow you to practise your important exercises in between your live online English Elocution lessons.  This course is for you if you are new to English Elocution training.

The course is also suitable for English speakers and non-English speakers.  If you are an English speaker with a strong regional accent, then our Beginners English Elocution Classes will help you to reduce your accent.

Our Beginners One-to-One English Elocution Classes Online cover:

  • Introduction to articulation exercises
  • Developing respiration to sustain vowels
  • Introduction to vowel sounds
  • Developing listening skills
  • Distinguishing vowel sounds
  • Reproduction of vowel sounds
  • Introduction to schwa
  • Developing English consonant sounds
  • Introduction to connecting vowel sounds for spoken English
  • Introduction to British English rhythm
  • Developing speech audibility
  • Introduction to controlling English speech speed
  • English pronunciation correction techniques
  • Developing confidence in speaking English

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