One-to-One Learn Business English Online Training


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Professional English Communication – Skills Development 

One-to-One Learn Business English Online Training

Start Date: Continuous Enrolment

Duration: 10 weeks (60 minutes per session)

Price: £495

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Intensive One-to-One learn Business English by WebCam Skype.

Directly to your office or home with an emphasis on developing Professional English Communication for Business English skills and allowing maximum attention and focus on your weaknesses.

Our One-to-One learn Business English training covers the following areas, subject to your personal and professional needs:

  • English grammar revision
  • Development of English grammar skills
  • English usage development
  • Word power and vocabulary building
  • Semantics and meaning
  • English stylistics
  • Formal English writing
  • Learning English letter writing
  • Learning English report writing
  • Informal English writing
  • Learning English colloquialism
  • Writing to inform, advise and explain
  • Writing to argue, persuade and instruct
  • BBC spoken English
  • Accent reduction for professional communication
  • English pronunciation
  • English elocution techniques
  • Developing listening skills
  • Developing sub-listening skills
  • Reading skills development
  • Reading for target information
  • Development of reading comprehension
  • Reading for analytical development
  • Presentation skills
  • Business negotiation skills
  • Cross-Cultural Business English

Specialised Learning Pathways

  • Learning English for Banking and Finance
  • Learning English for Insurance
  • Learning English for Law
  • Learning English for Medical and Healthcare
  • Learning English for Media
  • Learning English for Human Resources
  • Learning English for Marketing
  • Learning English for Advertising
  • Learning English for Building and Design
  • Learning English for Energy and Petrochemicals
  • Learning English for Tourism
  • Learning English for SEO content writing
  • Learning English for web content writing

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