Complaints Policy


If you have any complaint about our products or our services you should raise your complaint in writing and send it by email to the following email address:

[email protected]

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint by return of email. In the event that we have not acknowledged receipt of your complaint within 2 working days, please assume that we have not received the complaint and send it again.
We will consider your and investigate complaint as quickly as is reasonably practicable and will notify you of our findings within 14 days. In the event that we need more time we will send you an email stating that we need more time and estimating the likely timeframe for replying in full. This will be no more than a further 21 days.

We will provide an explanation of our findings and where we consider we should act upon your complaint we will do so, telling you what action we propose to undertake.

If your complaint is regarding the website or its content we will deal with the complaint as expeditiously as possible and if we consider it appropriate, refer it to an appropriate authority for consideration.

If the complaint is regarding a product that you have purchased we may, if we consider appropriate, offer you a replacement of the same or a similar product or, if we consider we have not performed the contract as we ought to have done, we may provide a refund.

If the contract is for services, we will suspend such services whilst we investigate your complaint and re-instate them or provide an alternative remedy in the event we consider we are at fault.

If, following our determination of your complaint you are not satisfied with our findings or our method of resolving the complaint you may appeal our decision and must do so in writing by email to the complaints email address within 7 days after notification of our findings has been sent to you, with the Subject/heading: ‘Appeal against Complaint Findings’ and setting out the reasons why you do not agree with our findings.

We will acknowledge your appeal by return. In the event that we have not acknowledged receipt of your appeal within 2 working days, please assume that we have not received the appeal and send it again.

We will note the basis of your appeal and will re-consider our findings in the light of your reasons for appeal. We will notify you of any new findings or why we do not agree with your reasons for appeal in writing by email within 7 days of receiving your appeal.

If you do not accept our findings of your appeal you may escalate the complaint by asking us to refer the complaint to an adjudicator through our Dispute Resolution Policy.