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LAMDA for Children - Supporting GCSE English

LAMDA for Children supports GCSE English


LAMDA for Children’s elocution

Does your child struggle and become frustrated when trying to communicate with you or other people?  Does your son or daughter suffer from a speech impediment?

LAMDA examinations are a way to give your child the tools to develop their elocution skills, decrease the impact of any impediments that may be hindering their ability to communicate properly and give them the confidence they need.

Children are more receptive than adults and in particular have a richer capacity at language acquisition. Giving your child the opportunity to learn these critical language and social skills at such a young age propels the rate of learning. Lessons in elocution will support the expansion of vocabulary and grammatical knowledge.

What, exactly, is meant by elocution?

Elocution is the skill of clear, precise and expressive speech. Our elocution lessons focus on articulation and English pronunciation that will help your child to speak with eloquence. Your son or daughter will also learn English language skills, in particular, how to use their breath to support speech correctly and how to utilize bodily and facial expressions.

We also offer LAMDA for Children twelve week beginner to advanced courses that lead up to an examination in communication. These examinations will equip your son or daughter with the crucial skills needed to speak correctly.  The introductory examinations focus on basic communication skills-being able to confidently share a poem and respond to simple questions- and memory skills-acquiring the skills to learn and recall words aloud will develop crucial.

If your child does suffer from a speech impediment then developing elocution skills can be a way to overcome that. Many speech impediments arise from a nervous instinct; therefore, equipping your child with the confidence to speak in public can be a way to enable them to speak with ease and clarity. Many children can become nervous from their apparent inability to speak properly or lack of knowledge, becoming frustrated and quite often making it harder for them to express themselves. As children learn the skills to speak properly it increases their confidence. Furthermore, the recognition that these exams offer, being recognised with such a prestigious organisation, is yet another confidence boost.

Giving your child the knowledge and skills to be able to communicate properly will spring board their success as they ascend into adulthood. The ability to speak well and with confidence is a highly sought after quality and to be able show good elocution skills is to be able to present oneself professionally in both private and public situations. The difference between having or not having these skills can be the reason for a successful or unsuccessful career.

And if you child does not want to learn LAMDA yet, then they don’t have to.  Our LAMDA learning pathways are optional on our Learn Elocution Kids courses.  As our kids’ elocution courses are popular, we offer both face-to-face and live online classes – all as one-to-one tuition.

Communication is fun and it is an opportunity for your child  to make new friends – join our LAMDA for Kids Elocution course now.


LAMDA for Kids Elocution

LAMDA for Kids Elocution – One-to-one Face-to-Face Classes


LAMDA for Kids Elocution by Live Online Classes

LAMDA for Kids Elocution – One-to-one by Live Online Classes


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