Business English for Companies


English is the universal language of business.  Yet, we know how difficult it is for you to give your staff professional English language training in times of economic downturn and cutbacks.

As specialised English language trainers and consultants, we will work in partnership with you to manage your staff performance in assessing, analysing, designing and delivering professional English communication training programmes for your personnel. We are the educational project managers to a range of professional sectors and we work closely with our clients which include Small to Medium-sized Enterprises to multi-national organisations. We deliver quality assurance in our English communication and performance teaching and learning programmes. In addition, you will be provided with monthly progress reports and interim and end of training evaluations on your personnel who undertake learning with us.

Our Professional English Communication training programmes not only teach important English language skills, but also the importance of cross-cultural training in the world of Business English communication.

Your staff will also be provided with the opportunities for further professional development and to enhance their performance through specialist workshops or refresher courses.

We undertake both client and student need analyses, and we identify and quantify the training and development required to meet specific goals. We will design and deliver tailor-made programmes which are specifically developed to meet your company’s objectives as well as the training needs of your individual members of staff.

Our educational project management will include:

  • Training and development programme design
  • Identification and design of specific learning materials and resources
  • Selection of suitable resources for training, development and management
  • Assessment criteria and training methods
  • The use of technology
  • The management of independent learning

We offer preferential rates to our corporate clients for in-house English communication and performance training and development, training your staff either on a one-to-one to one-to-six group basis.

Take advantage of our preferential corporate training rates by booking online or by calling our 24 hour customer services on +44 (0)20 7884 0441.