What people say about us . . .


‘Once again, thank you for your help, support, I am so happy with the quality of this English course, the content, the service and my tutor : Vanessa, and I will recommend this course to my network.’ 

Tineke R, West Midlands – Indonesian Learn English Student

‘I have been speaking English as a second language for the last 25 years and always wondering why I still sound foreign.

Janette’s detailed analysis of my speech pattern and skilful teaching methods made me understand how English sounds work.

All lessons achieve what they set out to do-explaining in ordinary language just how best English can be learnt and spoken.’

Joanna A, London – Polish Accent Reduction Student

‘It has been amazing!

At the beginning of the course, I lacked confidence in speaking. I have learned how to correct my speech, and gain confidence.  I progressed rapidly through my elocution course which gave me the skills I never knew I had within.  I am very, very grateful – thank you.’ 

Gloria O, London – English Elocution Student

‘I decided to take lessons for professional and personal reasons.  As a non-native, reduction of my German accent was the main aim.

Janette’s deep subject knowledge enabled her to break processes down into manageable segments so that they were easily understandable and completely achievable.

My ear became gradually attuned to the differing nuances between English and German, through lessons which were personalised and adapted to my specific needs.

Her passion for accent reduction is infectious and contributes much to both student enjoyment and progress.

Her inventive techniques always provide a route to success. Where one exercise is impossible, she simply develops another which is achievable, to ensure the same effect.

Janette is a delightful person to work with and she is an extraordinary teacher – thorough, patient, attentive, reliable and effective.’

Petra K, Germany – German Accent Reduction Student

‘Why don’t they teach these English articulation exercises in schools?

It’s amazing!’

Remy M, London – French Accent Reduction Student

‘The Executive Language Tutors is an outstanding organisation which provides high standards in teaching the English language. Janette inspired me with her ambition and her applied learning strategies helped me to thrive.  I can strongly recommend Executive Language Tutors to all English students who wish to improve their abilities rapidly in a short space of time.’

Axel F, Germany – IELTS & Academic English Student

‘Learning English pronunciation was the best thing that ever happened to me!’

Eva C, London – Elocution Student