Free Elocution Lesson No. 1 ‘h’ for French Speakers

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Our Free Elocution Lessons for French Speakers is being re-ran for a second time due to demand!

Our free Elocution Lesson forms part of our Accelerated Elocution and Accent Reduction courses.  Using WASP on your PC, you can check your speech sounds, see where your intonation is falling and check your word and sentence stress patterns.

Free Elocution Lessons for French Speakers include a speech checker and an audio file which accompanies the specialised Elocution Lesson for French speakers below.  Contact us by email to receive your free MP3 audio file and speech checker.

Now, are you ready to learn British English Accent for speech sound ‘h’?  Listen to the audio recording and follow the lesson below.

Lesson No. 1


  • Listen
  • Repeat
  • Feel
H er H er H er
H er H er H er
H er H er H er

Speech Sound Visual Example


WASP Screen

Access your PC WASP and check your long downward intonation speech sound for ‘H er’ against your speech checker for ‘h’:

Word Selection – Pronunciation Practice


Bring in your falling speech sound of ‘h’ when practising the following exercises:

1.       Hello 11.  Healthy
2.       Harriet 12.  Heaps
3.       Honey 13.  Happy
4.       How 14.  Hungry
5.       Here 15.  Heart
6.       Henry 16.  Hear
7.       Hoot 17.  Happen
8.       Horrendously 18.  Huntingdon
9.       Have 19.  Heat
10.   Hoards


Elocution Practice



Henry Hello, Harriet, Honey, how wonderful to see you here!
Harriet Henry, What a hoot!  How are you?
Henry I have been horrendously busy – I have hoards of healthy work, and heaps upon heaps of happy hungry customers!
Harriet How heart-warming to hear that, Henry.  How did that happen?
Henry It was at the Huntingdon summer cricket match – the heat really did the trick!  It was hazardous at first, the risk was at its height and customers eyed me in horror with half-hitched heads.
Harriet Were they hateful towards poor Henry?
Henry Oh Harriet, they heaved and howled to get to the hoarding of ‘Henry’s Happy Half-Hour’.  I used some of Huntingdon’s haystacks to hold the herds, but it was hopeless . . . hopeless, Harriet, horrendously hopeless!
Harriet Gosh, Henry!  How did you manage?
Henry Like a half-wit, Harriet.


We hope that you have found today’s lesson beneficial and enjoyable.

Don’t forget to bring the sound of ‘h’ into your every day speech sounds for practice.


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