One-to-One Personal LAMDA Training by WebCam Skype


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One-to-One Personal LAMDA Training by WebCam Skype

Start Date: Continuous Enrolment

Duration: 6 weeks (1 hour per session)

Price: £260

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Intensive One-to-One Personal LAMDA training by WebCam Skype allowing maximum attention and focus on your weaknesses.

Our One-to-One Personal LAMDA Speech and Drama training covers:

  • An appreciation of literature
  • Organise arguments and ideas into structured speeches
  • Confidence in speaking both in conversation and to a group
  • Presentation skills
  • A clear and focused speaking voice
  • Positive body language
  • Creativity
  • Awareness of the space around you
  • Vocal confidence and physical presence
  • New ways of looking at the world through dramatic exploration
  • The ability to relate to other people
  • An understanding of the impact of language and communication